How Can Family And Friends Help In Ways To Overcome Drug Abuse?

The issue with addiction is that it is not only the addict who is experiencing…

How Can Family And Friends Help In Ways To Overcome Drug Abuse?

The issue with addiction is that it is not only the addict who is experiencing the negative impact of this issue. Besides them, their family and friends, too, go through distress and discomfort. Thus, in case the addict is not showing any sign of leaving his/her habit, then their favorite people will need to take a stern step in this aspect. Here are some of the ways to overcome drug abuse Orange County, which can only be prompted by a friend or family member.

  1. Be Compassionate 

In case of an intense addiction, “tough love” can be quite counterproductive. Instead, you can try to be compassionate with him or her. Ask them about everything that has been bothering them for the last few days. Try to listen to them as much as you can.

Be sure to refrain yourself from criticizing them. It is one of the worst ways to overcome drug abuse. Just make sure you are listening to everything they are saying. It will help them to feel much more confident and, in turn, might prompt them to leave their addiction as well.

2. Encourage Them 

Drug addiction, in most cases, can lead to depression. Thus, as a friend or family member, it becomes your job to encourage them as much as possible. For example, if they have failed in an examination, then try to motivate them for the future.

Aside from that, you can also take them to a park or somewhere else to keep their mind off of it. Besides, you can also change their daily habits and include some healthiness into it. For instance, ask them to ditch their bed and join you to take a run around the neighborhood.

3. Attend a Support Group with Them 

Most addicts tend to be socially anxious. Due to this reason, they generally do not attend any support group at all. Hence, as one of his/her own, you can try to encourage them to attend such a support group for their purpose.

However, if they are reluctant about it, then you can also attend the same session together. It, in turn, will help them in learning more about their condition and open themselves up to everyone. You can also help them to get a job.

It will help them to stay busy throughout the day and avoid consuming drugs. Sounds like one of the best ways to overcome drug abuse, right?

4. Take Care of Their Medicinal Timetable 

Maintaining a proper medicinal timetable can be almost impossible for a drug addict. Hence, you will need to help them out in this aspect as well. But what are you going to do? Well, you can take a good look at their medication paper and make a routine from them.

It, in turn, will help them in remembering the time period of when they will need to take the medication. Moreover, if you belong to the same family as them, then you can also monitor the timetable of medicine and assist them with it.

It is considered to be one of the ways to overcome drug abuse with the help of a close person.


So, these are some of the ways in which you can help your friend or family member to avoid drug addiction. Be sure to check out the following link to learn clearly about these methods