By following several simple steps you can learn a great deal about the nursing home you are considering for your loved one. There are sources of public information which will help you avoid selecting a facility where residents have been neglected and abused.

Sources of Information About Nursing Homes
Both the State and Federal governments gather information about the quality of care delivered by all licensed nursing homes.

Where to look
Medicare has a website called Nursing Home Compare at and each state’s department of health services has a similar website or document center. Information about violations of Federal and State regulations regarding the quality of care at each facility can be found on these databases.

What to look for
Each state’s Department of Health Services is required to survey every nursing home in the state at least annually, to determine whether they comply with Federal and State quality of care regulations. You can contact these agencies and inspect their surveys to get a sense of the care your loved one can expect at the facility.

Neglect and Abuse
There are many signs of neglect and abuse you should look for in these records. For example, was the facility cited for any of the following: failing to follow physician’s orders, failing to report a change of condition to the patient’s physician, a large number of facility acquired pressure ulcers, etc.

Selecting the right Nursing Home
Nursing Home residents deserve quality of care and with a little research you can go a long way in minimizing the risk of neglect and abuse.