Is Buying Cannabis Seeds Legal In Brampton?

In Canada, use of cannabis for the recreational purpose was legalized in 2018; earlier its…

In Canada, use of cannabis for the recreational purpose was legalized in 2018; earlier its medical use was legalized in 2001. As far Brampton is concerned, it is legal for an adult of 19 or over years of age to carry 30 grams of cannabis in dried form or its equivalent in public. Earlier buying cannabis from an online store was allowed, but now you can buy it from the local shops in Brampton. As an adult, you are allowed to purchase, possess and consume cannabis.

Can you buy Cannabis seeds in Brampton legally?

After 2018, an individual is allowed to buy cannabis seeds in Brampton for any use, whether medical or recreational.

How many plants are you allowed to grow?

Four cannabis plants are allowed to be grown per residential house; this limit is for the entire household, not for an individual.

How will people with medical cannabis get affected by this legalization?

There is no charge for people who are prescribed cannabis for medical use by a registered medical practitioner. These persons still need to register themselves with Access to cannabis for medicinal purpose regulation (ACMPR) for producing their own cannabis.

Is there any change in the law about drug-impaired driving?

There is no change in the law; drug-impaired driving is still an offence in law.

Where can you buy cannabis seeds in Brampton?

You can buy cannabis seeds either through online seed bank or through local stores. The local stores are very limited in numbers and they are not available at every place, so buying from an online seed bank is the best option.

Why should people grow cannabis in their home?

Whether it is used for recreational or medical purpose, the cost of buying cannabis for regular use is very high. People who have prescribed cannabis as medicine also have to spend a substantial part of their income on purchasing cannabis.

The cost which a person has to incur in growing cannabis at home is less than buying it from the market; this is why people should grow cannabis in their home.

What are the main advantages of buying Cannabis seeds in Brampton from an online source?

Buying cannabis seeds from an online source has many benefits than buying it from the store or dispensary. Couple of them are mentioned below-

  • Buying online costs less

Dispensary/store imposes a lot of taxes on selling cannabis; in online mode taxes which are levied are very less. Hence the cost is of buying cannabis seeds is less.

  • Multiple payment options

You can make payment either through cash, card and bank transfer and even from bitcoins in online mode, but in offline, there is only one option to pay that is cash.