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Muay Thai or Thai boxing is an ancient martial art that has been gaining popularity in fitness circles lately. Originating from Thailand, Muay Thai is essentially a striking martial arts practice that uses hands, elbows, fists, knees, and feet to strike down an opponent. Many people take up Muay Thai but do not read up on its various health benefits. There is more to the sport than kicks and adrenaline.


  1. Improved cardiovascular health
    Muay Thai engages the entire body, from your glutes to your core to your calves to your triceps. The body is strung in different high endurance positions during the striking and grappling movements. This full-body workout greatly boosts the cardiopulmonary organs of the body and can contribute to life safe from heart disease! 
  2. Increased Hip mobility
    Muay Thai has a strong emphasis on kicks and one of its most popular moves is known as the Roundhouse kick. This special move, in particular, involves hip rotation to its fullest and thus, is very hard to pull off. However, through introductory moves, the endurance slowly builds up until the athlete can pull off even this elusive kick. Needless to say life without any hip and lower back issues would be very liberating! However, make sure to roll around and stretch on the foam noodles before and after engaging your hip and core in such an intensive exercise. 
  3. Builds Leg Strength
    Raise your leg and kick slowly. Now try to increase the intensity each time you kick. Do you feel the burning sensation in your core and the discomfort in your hamstring? Kicks exercise your body unlike anything else. They increase endurance, agility, flexibility in hamstring and core strength simultaneously. Since Muay Thai is essentially a striking sport, kicks are the core of it. Thus, through Muay Thai one can expect to boost their leg strength significantly. You can also gain some good old fashion calves in the process. 
  4. Enhances upper body strength
    Punching, grappling, clinching- all use the upper body strength to deliver their power onto the opponent. If you are not into excruciating pull-ups, Muay Thai is the perfect alternative to build your upper body strength. Moreover, the art of striking prepares you for any self-defense against an attack in real life.  
  5. Brain-body coordination improvement
    Many people struggle to be agile. The coordination between the brain and the body is not homogenous for everyone. Muay Thai requires the engagement of all body muscles simultaneously. While the leg is kicking, the hands are in a defense position, and the brain is calculating the next move simultaneously. This process enhances the neural networks and improves brain-body coordination.  
  6. Stress relief
    Muay Thai is more than just a sport for the Thai people. It is a spiritual practice. It makes them a part of a greater heritage. Many people take it up to feel connected to their Thai cultural roots, while others do so to de-stress from the hassle of modern life. When you are practicing your kicks, you might as well imagine kicking your enemies and relieve your frustration! 
  7. Weight Loss 
    If you take up Muay Thai to lose weight, it will help you burn up to 1000 calories per hour! It is a form of HIIT high-intensity workout. The results pay off with burned fat and toned muscles. A good Muay Thai for weight loss program is and you will lose more 10 kilograms in the 2 week of Muay Thai training camp in Thailand .  If want to improve your health, please check Muay Thai program.