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Psychogenic cough is caused by psychological or emotional factors rather than any physical cause. Psychogenic coughs are often chronic and resistant to treatment, making them frustrating for the child and their parents.

While it’s unclear exactly how many cases of psychogenic cough exist in children, research suggests that they affect a small percentage of all children seen by medical professionals in Manchester for coughing problems.

This article covers some common causes of psychogenic cough in children and when to seek medical treatment. It also provides details on how to manage a psychogenic cough at home and how to prevent it from recurring in the future.

What is a psychogenic cough?

A psychogenic cough is a non-organic cough caused by psychological factors, such as stress or anxiety. The symptoms of this kind of cough are similar to those of other types of coughing, but they tend to be more painful and persistent than usual.

These coughs often have no underlying cause and are sometimes called “habit coughs.” A psychogenic cough can result from a severe medical condition or physical allergy, but infection or other illness does not usually cause it. Other names for psychogenic cough include functional cough, stress cough, anxiety cough, and conversion disorder (CD).

How are children diagnosed with this condition?

paediatric respiratory physician in Manchester will usually make a diagnosis based on the child’s symptoms and medical history. Sometimes, they may refer you to other health professionals for further tests. These may include an x-ray of the child’s chest or lungs, which can show whether there are any abnormalities present.

A lung specialist could also carry out a bronchoscopy, where a flexible tube with a camera at the end is inserted into one of the nostrils and down into the lungs for inspection. This can help to determine a diagnosis of asthma or other respiratory conditions. Sometimes, they may refer you to a paediatrician for further tests and examinations.

If your kid has been diagnosed with asthma or another condition that affects their breathing, they will probably be given medication.

Symptoms of Psychogenic Cough

So, how do you know if the cough is psychogenic? You can get the answer from your doctor or a respiratory paediatrician in Manchester, who will conduct several tests to see whether it’s due to an underlying medical condition.

If you’re worried about your child’s cough, talk to their GP about what symptoms could indicate asthma or another respiratory problem and what action you should take if they develop these symptoms.

Physical symptoms like a cough, shortness of breath or wheezing are common in children with asthma and other respiratory disorders. See their doctor if your child has a cough lasting more than three weeks. The condition can be treated with medication if it’s caused by an underlying physical problem, such as asthma or pneumonia.

How Can You Find the Right Doctor to Treat Your Child’s Psychogenic Cough?

Finding the right private paediatric respiratory physician in UK can be a challenge, but it’s worth the effort. See a doctor o who is experienced in treating children with psychogenic coughs, asthma, and other respiratory disorders.

You should look for a healthcare professional with experience treating this type of cough and one who understands how to work with children on their terms.

The first step is to look online and see what’s available in your area. You can also ask the primary care physician or paediatrician for recommendations, as they often work closely with other specialists like respiratory physicians.

Next, check out their reviews and ask for references from other parents who have used the services. It’s also essential to find out whether or not the doctor has experience with children and how long they have been practising. Most importantly, make sure you feel comfortable with their approach. If you aren’t sure about a particular specialist, don’t hesitate to look elsewhere.


Psychogenic cough is a common condition that a doctor can treat with the right combination of therapies. The key is to locate a doctor who will work closely with you and your child, listen to your troubles and address them consequently. If you have any questions about psychogenic cough or other childhood health issues, feel free to reach out.