Super Effective Self-Hypnosis Is Super Easy – Just Talk to Your Self


Well, I guess that is it for this self-hypnosis article because the title says it all. Smile. Okay, so maybe I can back up the title with some discussion on precisely how just talking to your self is super easy self-hypnosis.

What do you think when you see people talking to themselves? “Crazy Person!”

While I’m not suggesting that many people who talk to themselves are not crazy, but I will say to you that your starting to talk with yourself might make you ‘crazy like a fox’, in that you can be performing self-hypnosis that works like crazy.

Boiled down to the bone, exactly what does hypnotism do? Hypnotism talks to your subconscious mind. The hypnotist also tries to lull your conscious mind to sleep so that you subconscious mind has no distractions, but the basic aim of all hypnosis and NLP is to contact and plant suggestions into the subconscious mind. In other words, the hypnotist seeks to talk to the subconscious mind – period.

So I’ll reiterate this article’s title: Super Effective Self-Hypnosis is Super Easy – Just Talk to Your Self. Talk to your self because a subconscious mind is always listening. And because your conscious mind is engaged in formulating sentences to speak and conjuring up the messages it wishes to convey, the ‘lulling’ that the hypnotist seeks to achieve is effectively done too. So not only is just talking to yourself super easy hypnosis, talking to your self is super effective self-hypnosis too.

Does this simply talking to your self method of self-hypnosis sound too easy to be effective? I assure you that it even better than any other methods. You have direct and conscious awareness of what messages are being sent to your subconscious and you are even able to modify those messages ‘on-the-fly’ and supplement them with your visual observances.

For example, if you want to apply self-hypnosis to quit smoking, you might say something like this. ‘We do want to quit smoking. Just look at how our fingers are stained brown from the nicotine. We don’t like the acrid smell of the smoke either, especially when it is stale and permeated into the fabric of our car’s seats. Let’s you and I quit smoking.’ You want to say this a number of times and express it different terms to equate the benefits of non-smoking to the various circumstances that your life entails.

Do you notice how I was speaking to my own subconscious mind as if it is another person sharing my mind with me? That is what you want to do because in many respects, your subconscious mind does have its own unique personality.

I need to stress here that mentally communicating with your subconscious mind does NOT work for self-hypnosis. You must be speaking out loud. You don’t have to shout: whispering will even work but don’t mumble. The key is that you have to be speaking loudly and clearly enough for your ears and your subconscious mind to hear and understand it. Again, think of your subconscious as being a separate mind residing inside your body and sharing the use of your ears. It can hear what you hear (and even more acutely than you do) but it cannot access your actual thoughts.

Do try practicing self-hypnosis by just talking to your self and your subconscious mind. People around you might suppose that you are crazy but I personally see that as a ‘them’ problem anyways. Maybe you can self-hypnotize yourself into not being concerned with what people think of you.

“Those people over there are looking strangely at us because we are talking to each other. That doesn’t matter to us. We know we are communicating for the purpose of self-improvement and that does not concern them at all. So why should we care how they misinterpret our conversation?”

I personally believe that each of us are comprised of two distinct personalities like a Jekyll and Hyde. Perhaps the condition of ‘schizophrenia’ is partially a result of the conscious mind being unable to constrain the subconscious. But without a doubt, the subconscious does exist and communicating effectively with it is why hypnosis exists and why hypnosis is effective. So whether you wish to delve further into the questions of why and how self-hypnosis works or not, you can still enjoy the super effective benefits of self-hypnosis super easily, just by talking to yourself – period.

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