Travel Nurse Benefits You Wouldn’t Get Anywhere Else

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There are more than 400 travel nursing companies in the United States who can match you with available positions at various health care facilities.  You can also choose to work independently as a travel nurse and get your own contract.

Enjoy the benefits of a travel nurse career as you seek out adventure, new places to eat and stay, meet new people, and work somewhere across the country and be in places you have always wanted to visit.

It is an opportunity to experience the best of the best that this great country has to offer while getting paid to work the job you love.  Apart from this travel nurse benefit, are more advantages that you wouldn’t be able to get in any other industry.

Travel Nursing is in Demand

Many hospitals try to maintain an appropriate staffing budget based on their quarterly and seasonal needs.  This is why they want an RN to contract for three months at a time.  Travel nursing provides this need allowing hospitals to bring in more seasoned and experienced RNs, hence, travel nurses are in high demand.  You will never run out of opportunities.

Flexibility in Schedule

You can choose your position based on your needs.  When you get drained from traveling from one place to another, you can schedule a break between contracts so you can rest.  You can also arrange your weekly schedule to have longer weekends off and shorter work weeks.

If you are going to work with a recruitment agency, you will have access to the agency’s job boards, so you can choose your own schedule, benefits package, and salary.  You may be able to find work in an area where you would want to participate in an upcoming special event like a wedding, a birthday, or any celebration.

High Pay and Bonuses

A traveling nurse earns competitive salaries, reimbursements, and bonuses.  In fact, their earning potential often exceeds that of a staff nurse especially if you have specialty work or work overtime.  You can also check which states pay more.

Being well-compensated will give you peace of mind as you explore new territory in your travels.  On top of it all, many agencies will cover the costs of your travel, including housing and utilities among other benefits like health and dental coverage.

Provide Opportunities to Explore What You Love About Nursing

If you are not yet into a specialization, a career in travel nursing can open opportunities for you to dabble in a variety of areas of specialization so you can decide which you like best.  You will gain experience from different hospitals and different scenarios.

Getting experience from different facilities across the country will help you grow as a nurse and make you more attractive to prospective employers as you reach the next level of your potential in your career.

Learn Specialization Skills

As you will be encountering different people and situations, you will develop a variety of valuable skills other than nursing skills.

You will be forced to develop adaptability, critical thinking, and communicating effectively.  These are practical skills that will help you, in the long run, to be successful in your career and in your life.

Traveler Support 24/7

A traveling nurse agency will usually have traveler support 24/7 so you can relax and know that your recruiter will guide you every step of the way.

When unexpected things happen, you can call the support team at any time of the day to provide you the highest level of customer service and to ensure that you are satisfied with your entire travel experience.

Less Involvement in Workplace Politics

Your assignments in a facility will typically last from three to six months only.  The short span of time will give you less involvement in office politics that usually happens in high-stress jobs where the tension between coworkers can be rampant.  You will be able to avoid the drama and just hit the road when issues heighten.

What More Can You Ask For?

If you feel “stuck” or “suffocated” or bored being in the same workplace every day, maybe the option of a traveling nurse career is the solution.  Travel nurse benefits include the adventure to explore new environments, enjoy different sceneries, meet people from other areas while having a sense of personal freedom as you provide yourself a unique chance to see the many sides of the nursing profession.

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